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Part Two – Tweet Deck – May 26th 2009

Part One – Introduction – May 16th  2009

Welcome to the first part in our series of Internet Marketing Lessons brought to you by the 519biz.com team. This information series is called “How To Find More Customers For Your Business Using the Internet” and that is exactly what we are going to show you how to do here.

Whether you’re a local business owner advertising to a client base in your own backyard or you have potential customers living all across the world, Internet Marketing is a vital component of overall business success in this day and age.

In fact, if you are not using the Internet to search for and attract new customers, you may very well be going out of business!

When it comes to marketing and advertising your business online, it may appear to be overwhelming as you begin the research the number of options and strategies available to business owners. The purpose of this report is to remove confusion and restore clarity to your mind so that you may move forward with a sense of confidence and excitement about the potential to grow your business using the Internet as your partner.

First, there are three main components that you should consider when you are establishing an online presence for your business. These include:

  1. Driving Traffic
  2. Capturing and Keeping Attention
  3. Building a List

While there are entire courses written about each one of these three topics, we will provide a general overview of each area and then dive into specific information in subsequent reports.

Driving Traffic

  • Traffic is the lifeblood of your website. Without traffic, you have no audience and your website has no real need to exist
  • Too often, people make the mistake of creating a website without ever developing a traffic generation plan. This can be a very expensive mistake for any business owner
  • In order to drive traffic there are 2 things to consider: How to drive traffic for free, and how to properly pay for traffic to your site.
  • All business owners who want to responsibly grow their business online need to be looking at making full use of both of these strategies
  • Free: SEO, Social media, article marketing, blogging, social bookmarking
  • Paid (Also called media buying or Pay per click): Facebook, Google Adwords, Myspace, Yahoo, Press releases and etc…
  • You need to track your traffic using analytical tools!!!

The bottom line is you must have a traffic generation plan and if you do it correctly, you can increase your business drastically!

Capturing and Keeping Attention

  • You could be very good at driving traffic to your website. You could be at the top of google getting lots of organic traffic all hours of the day. But if your website is designed poorly and does not quickly capture the attention of your audience, you are sure to lose that visitor to another site
  • This stresses the importance of web design. Website design encompasses many different areas but in general there is: Site Layouts, Use of graphics and images, the actual content that is presented, the overall colour scheme, webpage navigation and more…
  • Webmasters (people who run and manage websites) are always analyzing the bounce rate. If people are leaving your site quickly then you may need to make changes

List Building

  • With over a billion websites on the Internet, the average consumer is bombarded and often overwhelmed with information. How do you stand out from the crowd? You do it the old fashioned way, by earning your prospects trust first, establishing your credibility and selling your product/service after this is accomplished
  • The problem with many websites is that it takes a customers as many as 7 visits to your site before they decide to purchase something from you. In order to stay in touch with a customer who has stopped by your site, it is vitally important to add them to your list and earn your trust by developing a relationship.
  • You do this with online list building strategies and every website should have one. The easiest way to do this is with an autoresponder like aweber. An autoresponder allows you to offer your prospective buyer some useful content in exchange for their contact information.
  • An Autoresponder is an excellent little utility that you can use to build and manage your online mailing list. Just like traditional business owners use mailing lists with physical addresses to send direct mail advertising to prospective buyers, home based business owners are now doing the same thing with Autoresponders.
  • In basic terms, an Autoresponder is a tool that will send email automatically on your behalf. In addition to that, the Autoresponder allows you to place a form on your web site where visitors can “opt in” to your list. They usually do this by subscribing to a newsletter or registering to receive free information that you are giving away.
  • Once the visitor enters their email address, the Autoresponder software takes care of their address by storing it in a database. This makes it easier on the entrepreneur because they no longer have to manually manage a huge list of mailing (or emailing) addresses.
  • Now, the business owner can focus on sending high quality information to his/her database that allows for dynamic relationship building and the creation of business partnerships and sales!
  • There are a huge number of Autoresponder packages on the market today. Most of them are very cost effective. My personal favourite is:


Bookmark this page and come back often as we will be updating with more thorough information including more in depth articles and videos.

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