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Benefits of the LitterHouse Litter Box

Litter & Urine Containment

The LitterHouse unique walkway design collects litter from your cats paws as he exits the litter pan. The LitterHouse is a fully enclosed litter box that contains all litter and urine spray inside the house. Unused litter is not wasted and your litter box invironment is cleaner.

Odor Control

LitterHouse litter boxes help control the foul odor associated with your traditional cat litter box. The chimney charcoal filter works to diminish odors between regular litter box cleanings. LitterHouse chimney charcoal filters last up to six months. Order your refill charcoal filters here.

Cat Privacy

LitterHouse litter boxes provide complete privacy for your cats comfort. The litter pan is completely out of sight.


With the unique design of the LitterHouse litter box; medium and large breeds of dogs are not able to access the litter pan. Therefore effectively stopping dogs from eating cat litter and possibly even saving their lives.

Easy to clean

With a regular scooping routine, your LitterHouse litter box maintence will only take minutes a day! The high density plastic make cleaning your litter box quick and easy. Simply wipe down inside of walls with your usual cleaning products, scoop the litter pan and separate the walkway and empty unused litter back into litter box. Replace the house enclosure and your done!


The charming appearance of The LitterHouse makes having a litter box in your home a pleasure. Completely improves the appearance of your litter box area. The LitterHouse looks great in any room and is ideal for apartments and condo’s. No need to hide the LitterHouse litter box!

LitterHouse Features

  • The LitterHouse litter box is a quality engineered product for cats kittens & small animals.
  • The LitterHouse is made of a sturdy high density plastic polystyrene, formed in plastic injection moulds.
  • The LitterHouse litter box has 12 plastic pieces that simply snap together
  • Assembly instructions are provided.
  • The overall house size in inches is 25L x 17W x 25H
  • The “ribbed” walkway floor is 1/2″ deep, to collect all spilt litter from cats paws.
  • The Handles allow the house to be lifted from it’s base, so the litter pan can be scooped.
  • The LitterHouse – Base ConstructionDoorway entry 7.25″ wide 9.5″ high.
  • Notice the “lip” on the inside wall. This keeps all the litter inside the house.

The Cat Litterhouse is an enclosed cat litter box made entirely of sturdy polystyrene plastic. There are three main parts, the house which acts as the lid for the litter pan, an easy to clean walkway and the main litter pan.

The LitterHouse litter box comes unassembled and packaged neatly in a sturdy cardboard box, with a plastic handle for easy carrying. Assembling the cat LitterHouse is quick and easy. The 12 pieces snap together without the need for tools, most of the work is in assembling the house part that covers the litter pan and walkway.  Simply line up the tabs of each wall and apply firm pressure to snap the pieces together (assembled on a hard surface). All four wall pieces and both sides of the roof require the same assembly. It is important to note that the underside roof tabs must be against the inside of the walls for proper alignment and so that walls and roof meet together properly so there is no bending of the walls. The litter pan and side walkway easily attach together in seconds. Just line-up the rails on the large litter pan with the side walkway and you’re done.

The LitterHouse litter box is a quality engineered product for your cat.  Assembly instructions are provided.  The LitterHouse litter box comes with 3 window decals; Modern, Hearts, and Fun. All three designs are included. The patented lip on the inside wall creates a smooth seal and keeps all the cat litter inside the house.  Side handles built into the gables allow the house to be lifted from its base so that the litter pan can be easily scooped.

The over all house size in inches is 25.75”L x 17”W x 21”H. The opening of doorway is 7.5 inches wide by 9.5 inches high and we it is large enough for cats up to 22lbs. The LitterHouse revolutionary pan is (16.5”W x 17”Lx 6”H) and the walkway separates from the litter pan for easy clean up.  The unique walkway reduces litter waste with its 1/2 inch deep ribbing that collects litter from the cats paws as they exit the litter pan.

Also due to the unique design of the LitterHouse litter box dogs can’t get in to eat the cat litter.  This behavior know as Coprophagia is very unhealthy as cat litter, especially clumping cat litter can be fatal to dogs; The LitterHouse litter box is the only litter box on the market that can actually save a dogs life!

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Business Details

Phone Number:  1-866-758-2986

Email:  mail@litterhouse.com

Address:  21 Green St

City:  Orangeville

Postal Code:  L9W 2L1

Hours of Operation:  24/7

Service Area:  Worldwide

Handicap Accessible:  N/A

Website:  www.litterhouse.com/

Payment Terms:  Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Money Order

Additional Features:  

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