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London, Ontario

July 15, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Population: 352,395
Settled: 1749
Nickname: The Forest City
Url: http://www.london.ca/

3 Reasons to Visit London Ontario

London ON is situated in southwestern Ontario, approximately halfway between Toronto ON and Detroit MI.  It is the largest city in the southwestern Ontario, home to over 350 thousand people.  It is nicknamed The Forest City due to its abundance of green space.

London has long been a destination for college students due to it’s post secondary educational institutions and enjoyable night life.  It is also home to a number of great attractions.  Here are 3 reasons you need to visit London.

1. Covent Garden Market: London is surrounded by great farmland.  Take advantage of that by visiting the Covent Garden Market. Established in 1845, the market is still London’s best choice for ethnic and organic foods.  It also houses the best cheese selection in all of southwestern Ontario.  If you are looking for fresh food, check out the seasonal, twice weekly farmers market where you can purchase the freshest locally grown produce.

It isn’t just about the food though!  The Garden Market is also the cultural hub of London.  It is home to a number of cultural organizations and artists.  It even boasts an art  school and theatre.  In the winter it is home to the Rotary Rink – a beautiful outdoor skating rink.

2. Labatt Brewery Tour: Alright maybe Labatt can’t compete with Canada’s premiere and micro-brewed beers, but it is still a big part of Canadian history.  Come to London to learn about one of Canada’s oldest and most successful breweries.  Learn how they combine ancient techniques with cutting edge modern technology to create a huge volume of beer.

You can do more than see the brewing process.  The tour will fill your nose with the sweet aroma of brewing beer.  You can also touch the basic building blocks for beer – hops, malt and rice.  Best of all though, is tasting.  At the end of the tour you can sample some of Labatt’s brands and taste the subtle differences in each of them.  The tour is about 2 hours and only costs $10 – a great deal in the current economy.

3.  Afrofesta: A new attraction to London.  This event which is in its infancy stages, is a multi-cultural festival showcasing Afro-Caribbean culture. Its mere existence shows that London is becoming more and more multicultural.  London’s other cultural festivals (including Latin, India and Italian) have received great support and the organizers of Afrofesta expect the same. 

Afrofesta will be home to performances, foods and arts from the local Afro-Caribbean population.  This cultural event, combined with the other cultural events in London showcase the city’s balance and wide variety of entertainment.

These 3 attractions are merely a small percent of all the great things London has to offer.  It combines big city convenience and culture with the green space and friendly atmosphere of small town Ontario.  London definitely deserves to be on anyone’s short list of places to visit.  Visit soon.

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